Why Eco-Friendly Bags?

Who will say 'No' to fresh and organic veggies though, it's offered in discounts. Even the layman will not say 'No' buddy. But, why then the people in Switzerland and Denmark are saying 'NO' to fresh veggies for quite long time? Do they have any reason?

A few years ago, veggies and products sold in Swiss region were boycotted, because they came into market as plastic-packed. People living there, bought them for years, but once they had found and realized the hap-hazards of plastic usage, they refused to buy them. Even some have returned their purchased products to the shops, seeking immediate refund.

No sooner was it happened, plastic production in that region faced a drift and the industries started searching for an alternative. Hopefully, they got it and welcomed those eco-friendly covers, bags and other materials.

Like produce bags made by one of the leading US and UK brands, 'All Cotton and Linen' are welcomed in a red carpet by the most.

Not only them, even the developing countries started working on to make the people to adapt and use eco-friendly bags and covers, made of high-end quality cotton materials. So, why can't a US citizen or a UK citizen adapt and use eco-friendly materials and beat the dreadful slow-poison? So, come on, let's save the environment and retain our health with eco-friendly things.

It has to be noted that the Chinese government has recently doubled the restiction imposed on plastics usage in the home town. Recent repots suggest that if US citizens are not going to stop using plastics, then they'll have to munch them, in any of the form, in 2020. So, let's have try.

If you are starter, head to " All Cotton and Linen " our official website, we'll dine you with what you need.


An estimation says, by 2030, over 111 million metric tons of plastic waste will be remain unrecycled, due to China's new law.
* A study says, U.S and Germany tops the list of countries that exports used plastic to other countries. U.S exports over 26.7 million tons between 1988 and 2016.
* Global Wildlife estimates, by 2050 Oceans will have more plastic than fishes (by weight).


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