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Why Should I buy products from 'All Cotton and Linen'?

Because, what 'All Cotton and Linen' sell, is not an one man's creation. It's an artpiece, which was sculptured and then weaved by a group of people, who are no other than the Designers, Craftsmen, Quality-testers, Administrators, Marketers and delivery men. Most importantly, the quality of the products available here speaks.

What about the quality of products sold here?

Everything sold here are approved by GOTS. More than that, our previous customers, who are loyal, tend to order Produce bags, Mesh bags, Tote bags, Canvas bags and Napkins often, citing quality as a major reason.

What about pricing? Is it affordable to all?

Of course, our products are affordable to all. There is a myth that 'Products with good quality are expensive'. But 'All Cotton and Linen' is against to that. We offer quality products at reasonable rates.

Are 'All Cotton and Linen' products eco-friendly?

Yes, our products are eco-friendly and free from environmentally hazardous materials.

How to buy products?

It's simple as slicing a bun. Select your products and add them to cart. Then, Check out, fill the delivery form and pay through through secure payment gateway.

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